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Let’s All Puke for Fun!!!

So, here I am leaving almost all my blog entries until the last minute. First off,  Dr. Stangelove warned NOT to do this, yet I find myself always procrastinating and here I am. So, my sincere apologies for doing 16 entries on the last day.

Here’s a simple question, is this what our society as come to for entertainment? is this the “culture” for the 21st century? My boyfriend showed me this video, and I found many more using ipecac as pranks. Ipecac is a substance that immediately induces violent vomiting.

Dr. Strangelove said that society right now is engaged in mass participation of popular culture, and mostly video.  Is this an acceptable or accepted form of popular culture? Why would anyone want to be filmed participating in something so ludacris and then have thousands more watch them do it? Do these people even know what an overdose on ipecac can do to their bodies? I guess not if their willing to do it for a couple bucks.


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