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About Me

***I always find these “about me” sections as somewhat of a secret competion in life to see who can say the most interesting things and make themselves out to be more unique than everyone else. Me, I’m just going to admit right here and now, Im not anything special. Sorry to ruin your high hopes of reading something enlightning. I am what I am, take it or leave it. 
As far as I’m aware, unless there’s something my parents aren’t telling me, I was born Danielle Reimer in the fall of 1988. I managed to graduate from a high school in St. Catharines (the city I call home) and end up in Ottawa to attend Univeristy. I’m a Health Sciences nerd in my third year, which probably seems to have most of you scratching your head wondering what the hell Im doing in CMN 2180. I like to think Im broadening my horizions, just merely gaining knowledge for personal pleasure. I love to read and don’t have cable (yes that’s right I live my life without a TV, go on try and imagine it…its wonderful!). I prefer not to spend precious time sitting in front of this thing they call a computer, so this whole blogging idea is kinda new. SO bear with my while I learn the ropes…


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