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My name is a Borat

The idea of sensibility, from the text “We gotta get out of here” only makes sense. This isn’t really a complex thought. If your apart of an “idea” or “group” in society the thoughts, beliefs and norms of that group/idea makes sense to you or else you wouldnt be part of it, now would you. So, it only makes sense that if you don’t share the same taste as those who are in the group, the group would be foreign to you and wouldn’t make sense. This concept is not only on a micro scale, such as the preppy’s, the jocks, the nerds, the emo kids, the popular kids, etc. in schools but also on a macro level. For example, someone who came form another country and didn’t know that in Canada you don’t have more than one wife but it was completely normal for them. This concept can be applied the the very popular, yet highly controversial movie “Borat”.  There are parts of the movie where he displays a perfect example of not understanding another culture or it being appauling some of the stuff he does when he takes things to literally. Yet, sometimes we find great humour in what he does because its so different from us.  So, take some hints from Borat and before you dive head first into a culture that is completely different form the one you surround yourself with, even if your thinking about test driving the leathered up and tattoo biker dude/chick, maybe do some research and ask yourself if it make sense for/to you.