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Money, Money, MONEH!

Economy manages the consumer. We are placed into a giant swimming pool of advertisements and marketing. There’s no way to ignore it or escape it. Its a tautology when it is said that our enconomy manages the consumer because the consumer manages the enconomy. Right now we aren’t spending money because our economy is bad, yet our ecomony is bad because we aren’t spending money. With all the advertisements around us telling us to spend, spend spend, and buy this and that, and that you NEED this to be normal, its hard to totally disconnect life with society’s intentions to produce more and spend more. We are manufactured. We are robots. In western society, we live to work, instead of working to live first. We work so we can spend lots of money on those brand name clothes and designer whatevers. Yet, we don’t know any different because it was how we were raised.

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