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Chunky Monkey

Hegemony is the act in which people embrace an idea that are in another person’s interest regardless of what we think might be in our best interests, usually this is an elite person sharing a universal idea, such as war to create freedom and demoncracy (Dr. Strangelove). Hegemony can often be associated with a generalized idea about something or someone. For example, when someone thinks of Canadians, they often refer to us a white, peace keeping people. People who don’t comply with hegemonic ideas are often seen as outsiders. For example, the media has painting this image that a woman must be super thin, fit, tanned, tall, and with minimal flaws. Women now have the pressure to comply with this media created ideal, and that if you dont fit in you can be categorized as “heavy” or “chunky” or like my mom say: “into the groceries”. However, there are ideas that are good to fit in with, such as the notion of private property. This is what structures our society and makes us a non-communist country.