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Its Part of Pop Culture

So my boyfriend is in advertising and has let me in on a little bit of a phenomenon in today’s culture. It’s called Helvetica and it’s everywhere. Helvetica is used in many different ways for many different reasons, and it always delivers. The trend started in the late 50s and has only grown since. What is Helvetica? Well you see it thousands of times a day probably; in brochures, on signs, on billboards, and on store-fronts. Yes, Helvetica is a font. A typeface. Which one? Well if you’ve taken a subway system or almost any public transit before you’ve seen it on the signs there. As seen here in New York City:
Or if you’ve shopped at the very famous clothing chain American Apparel
The point of all this is that our culture is easily penetrable. This font started in Switzerland and first spread throughout Europe, but is now ingrained into our cities, streets and brands here in North America. Why? Why can one font become so wide spread and known throughout the entire world, when there are literally hundreds of thousands of other fonts to choose from? Same reason Madonna can sell out shows all over the earth, popularity. Popular culture is an amazing machine. It can take something that is little known one day, and have teenage girls everywhere screaming and frenzying for it the next. Helvetica was created because of a design trend, because someone thought that sans serif typefaces were “in”. Just like a boy band or this Edward Cullen character.

To learn more about Helvetica, my boyfriend encourages you to watch the movie by the same name. Yes, a movie about a font. I don’t get it, but maybe you will.