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When Britney Kissed Madonna

As I sit here trying to debate my next topic of randomness to deconstruct, I have come to a realization that once you are taught for so long how to think, its almost frustrating to think about something another way. Let me explain this further. I am a health science student. I am constantly asking why things happen or what causes what. So, for me to try and deconstruct or explain or think “outside-the-box” is very hard to do, because somehow I always want to explain why or find out why or say this is what it is, its that simple. My brain is in a constant battle, and my health science nerdy side seems to always want to win.

The “star persona”. Hum. The “star persona” is someone who is more than just the person, but the ideas and marketing combined to make that person “sellable”. It is the ordinary combined with the extraordinary. They are made up of half meanings, or little clues ( Dancing in the Distraction Factory).  But, then, don’t we all have a star persona? I mean I would like to think that I don’t present myself to everyone the exact same way, and I leave little clues behind me to share a bit of my personality. I wear brand name clothing and I suppose that would be marketing not for myself but for the company written on my t-shirt so that maybe the chick who passed me on the sidewalk and thought to herself “Hey, I liked her Abercrombie and Fitch t-shirt. I want one. I will buy one. Tomorrow”.  And, I guess I would be making myself “sellable” in a sense that, I want people to buy into me and like me, and be my friend. I would like to think that maybe I am ordinary that I can look like everyone else, yet I am extraordinary in the things that I have accomplished or done that makes me stand out from the rest. Or maybe not. Maybe you need to be Madonna to have a “star persona” to make people want to read into what she’s “selling”, or to question what hear meaning to what she does is. Or maybe you need to be like the Beatles and be massively liked and popularized, yet be intensively studied. For goodness sakes, how good a “star persona” can you be when you have university courses opening up because you had such an impact on the world!  You can now do a masters degree in The Beatles. Don’t believe me, here read the article in the Macleans magazine: http://oncampus.macleans.ca/education/2009/03/04/university-launches-master%E2%80%99s-degree-in-the-beatles/

You know your a star when Britney wants to kiss Madonna.