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Let’s All Puke for Fun!!!

So, here I am leaving almost all my blog entries until the last minute. First off,  Dr. Stangelove warned NOT to do this, yet I find myself always procrastinating and here I am. So, my sincere apologies for doing 16 entries on the last day.

Here’s a simple question, is this what our society as come to for entertainment? is this the “culture” for the 21st century? My boyfriend showed me this video, and I found many more using ipecac as pranks. Ipecac is a substance that immediately induces violent vomiting.

Dr. Strangelove said that society right now is engaged in mass participation of popular culture, and mostly video.  Is this an acceptable or accepted form of popular culture? Why would anyone want to be filmed participating in something so ludacris and then have thousands more watch them do it? Do these people even know what an overdose on ipecac can do to their bodies? I guess not if their willing to do it for a couple bucks.


Its a Barbie World

We live in a society where everything is manufactured. Since we were first brought into this world, the idea of what’s male and what’s female is shoved in our faces. We are taught that girls don’t act like boys and play with trucks, and boys don’t play with dolls-those are for girls. We have in our heads at a young age that we are to go to school, get a good job, make lots of money-so we can buy stuff, get married, have kids and retire. We have the idea of perfection thrown at us in the media all throughout our lives, by models that are half naked with airbrushed bodies modeling cologne, to Barbie that little girls play with. Barbie, how “perfect” can you get. She has everything! She’s got a mansion, friends, Ken (the perfect husband), clothes coming out of her plastic ass, a pink car, and the list goes on and on. However, Barbie’s proportions “would translate into a woman 5 feet 6 inches tall, 110 pounds, with a 39-inch bust, an 18-inch waist and 33- inch hips” (University of California). Even in our bizarre society this would look pretty funny walking down the street. Our society is so caught up with looking the part to fit into our manufactured society with our brand names, tanned skin, fake body parts and the constant desire for what we don’t need.  What is real anymore anyways? Our society so consumed with perfection that when something or someone like Michael Phelps comes into the media doing something that doesn’t comply to the idea of “perfection” people are shocked and appalled. Are people really that naïve? He is only human, like the rest of us trying to fit our way into this extreme manifestation.

Hittin' it

quote courtesy of  “The Berkeleyan” newpaper, University of California: http://berkeley.edu/news/berkeleyan/1998/0401/barbie.html

The Untouched Realm of YouTube…to me

I would first and foremost like to introduce this as my very first blog entry. With that I have, like many other students in CMN2180, gone the path of youtube related news and other such nonsense. I myself am not a huge “youtuber” nor am I familiar with the blogging world, but like they say..if you cant beat ’em, join ’em.  So at last, my very first blog entry, and concerning the new realm of youtube to boot! ( I figured I would do some up to date research to familiarize myself with it…)

In recent YouTube news, according to the Ottawa Citizenrecord companies are trying to strike a deal with the ever popular YouTube.  As many of us can imagine, since the invention of pirated music, CD sales have dramatically decreased, and now even more so that over 100 million US viewers alone in a given month are choosing YouTube as their go to site for music and music videos. Thus, you can also imagine the decrease in television viewing of MTV and MuchMusic. Over the weekend, thousands of videos were removed from the site in hopes to help the plunging cause.

Dr. S is constantly wondering outloud how YouTube is affecting how we’re listening to music; here’s his answer and what industries are doing to prevent this further spiral. 

After continuing to search about further problems or statistics on YouTube’s success or damage to parts of society, I ran into another article on CBS’s web page. Just a run down of some of the stats listed in the article:

  • contains over 70 MILLION videos
  • averages 60 thousand uploads PER DAY
  • has a community of roughly 6 MILLION members
  • it was started for amateurs, but is quickly becoming a mass marketing tool

This fascinates me. Where have I been where millions of viewers are uploading thousands of videos? I don’t even own an MP3, let alone an iPod. I don’t even own a cell phone that I can carry the Internet in my pocket. I don’t even subscribe to cable nor to I watch TV. Yet, there is this world that society calls You Tube, and it has everything from amateur videos that were once school projects now viewed by thousands(“Charlie the Unicorn”) to instructions on how to make a bomb(which is outrageous).  And, as my examples above portray, YouTube is what’s making news today. Is this what society has come to? I almost cant wrap my head around it.


CBS YouTube Stats can be found by clicking here:http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2006/08/04/earlyshow/contributors/tracysmith/main1864812.shtml

The Ottawa Citizen News article in full details can be found by clicking here:http://www.ottawacitizen.com/technology/Record+labels+struggle+strike+favourable+deal+with+YouTube/1117388/story.html